Carpet stains are very unpleasant. The point is that any stain will ruin the appearance of the carpet. Some stains are easy enough to remove, but a few types of stains are almost impossible to remove. In this article, we will show you how to get various stains out of your carpet. To do this, you need to apply some means.

How to Clean Carpet Stains

You will need to use a variety of products to remove various stains from your carpet. To clean your carpet you will need:

  • Water;carpet cleaning
  • Liquid soap or cleaning powder (soap should be household soap);
  • Cleaning products intended for dishes;
  • Glycerol;
  • Wine vinegar is pure;
  • 9% vinegar solution with water;
  • Salt;
  • Petrol;
  • Ammonia;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Peroxide;
  • Washing powder;
  • Special shampoo for carpets.

These remedies can help treat a variety of stains that vary in age. It is worth noting that some stains can only be removed if they are fresh.

Removing Difficult Stains

Coffee stain. If you accidentally spill coffee and the stain has not yet been absorbed into the carpet, you can remove it with a regular napkin or brushing. If you are using a brush, you will need to apply a soapy solution to the stain. Old stains are removed with glycerin. It must be left overnight, and then cleaned with ammonia, or a soap solution.

  • Alcohol and alcohol stains. It is enough to use washing powder.
  • Ink stains. If ink has been spilled recently, the stain can be cleaned with salt and soapy water. The salt will absorb the ink and can then be removed with soap. For old stains, use citric acid or a special carpet shampoo.

Grease stains can be easily removed with ammonia or gasoline. But it is worth considering that gasoline has an unpleasant odor. Remove vegetable stains with a solution of laundry soap, water, and wine vinegar.

Removing Fresh Stains

Before starting to remove a fresh stain, preparation is required. For dry stains, you will need to remove the dirt that has accumulated in the stain. A brush or knife is suitable for this. It is important not to damage the surface of the carpet.

For wet spots,carpet stains preparation will be a little more difficult. After all, the liquid on the carpet can easily spread further, which will lead to an increase in the spot area. Use a regular towel for cleaning. For more convenient work, it should be small in size. To prevent the stain from spreading further, wipe away moisture from the edges by moving slowly towards the center. This will protect other areas of the carpet from contamination. And if you decide to use a cleaner, be sure to make sure it’s safe. After all, many products can simply ruin the carpet, leading to a dull color.