The Amazing Benefits of Masturbation

Since time immemorial both men and women have been masturbating. Many people usually begin the practice in their teenage hood and carry it over to their adult life. There have been myths surrounding this subject.

People have been warned that masturbating could cause acne, furry palms, impotence, and blindness just but to mention a few. This is, however, not true since there are lots of amazing benefits of masturbation. This article highlights the amazing benefits of masturbation;


self love If you hate yourself, masturbating could help you love yourself more. Many people hate themselves because they have little knowledge of their bodies. However, by knowing your body could help you in appreciating yourself better.

The more you explore your body and play with it during masturbation the happier you will be with yourself. You can first begin by looking at your genitals; you may need a mirror to look at the various angles. By doing this, you will become bold and begin appreciating yourself.

Enhance your sex life

Masturbating could also help you to enhance your sex life. One of the most common misconceptions is that the women who use the sex toys and other gadgets like vibrator find it hard being orgasmed by a man.

The sex experts have however found out that one of the best ways of finding out what you love as far as your sex life is concerned is masturbating. You are likely to know what spots that you love being touched and this could be of great help to your partner.

Enhance your body image and confidence

Masturbation could also help you in boosting your body image and confidence. Just like they say people have sex with individuals that they like or are attracted to. When you masturbate, it means you are making love to yourself.

This could help you grow in confidence because you believe in your body image. By pleasing yourself, you will have self-esteem which is likely to influence your life.

Premature ejaculation

Masturbation can also help in preventing premature ejaculation. Sex therapists have advised that one of the best ways of controlling premature ejaculation is by masturbating for a few hours before the actual act. This could help you improve your timing and therefore, prevent you from having premature ejaculations.


vaginaYou must have read somewhere the importance of Kegels. However, not many women know that you can get the benefits of Kegel by masturbating. The orgasm that you get during the self-pleasing exercise will help in keeping your pelvic floor health and strong.

This will help in preventing the urinary incontinence and enhance your general sexual health. The contracting muscles will also help in reducing the pain that women suffer from when they are having their periods.