The water in the toilet is usually wasted as a result of a leak. As a rule, in the event of a breakdown, leaks may start and this will strain your budget. In addition, frequent and wasteful use is one of the main reasons for consumption.

Sometimes, in some cases, the toilet is connected to the sink and the consumption depends on the uneconomical use of the washbasin. The habit of not turning off the tap when there is no need for water use. Here are tips to help you reduce water consumption in the toilet.

Use Less Water

On average, 6 liters of water is needed for flushing, and the average tank contains 9 liters. To prevent it from recruiting liquid, it is necessary not to press the flush button to the end. So, on average, 2-3 liters will be saved. An impressive amount of savings will come out in a month.

Reduce the Volume of the Tank

This can be done by placing a plastic bottle of water or sand in it. However, it must be placed so that the drain mechanism does not close, and the bottle does not interfere with the operation of the entire system.

Install the Special Nozzle

Today, suchtoilet flushing nozzles are sold both on the faucet and on the toilet. They control the water supply. Interestingly, it reduces splash and noise when using water.

Do Not Use the Toilet Button

Draw on your own the amount of water that is sufficient for rinsing. This is an old method that almost no one uses anymore.

Replace the Tank With an Economical Option

When buying a bathroom set, you need to pay attention to models that have an economical tank. Such devices save up to 5 thousand liters per year and reduce the number of monthly installments.

Eliminate the Leak

It is possible by calling a plumber or by proven methods from craftspersons. Overlapping the drain in the cistern makes it lose its elasticity. All that is needed is to hang the sinkers from both sides of it. In some cases, it is necessary to change it.

Adjust Valve and Float

Adjust so that the tank is not full. This will lower your meter readings and help save money.

In general, if you wish, you can always reduce the consumption of light, gas, and even the consumption of liquid in the bathroom, which affects the total amount of payment for utility bills. The main thing is to approach this issue competently and use the above simple tips.

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